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Monday, January 7, 2008

January 2008 Reminders and UpDates

Horse Council Meeting: Jan 14th from 7 - 9PM in the Auditorium.

There will be no Community Club Volunteer Meeting this month.

Youth Horse Council Meeting: Jan 14th from 7-9PM in the Library.

Teen Advisory Council (TAC) meeting is Jan 15th from 6:30 - 8PM in Auditorium.
Topics: Club Charter, Community Service, Achievement Plans.

Record Books are due Jan 14th. They can be turned in to either Martha or Heather anytime between now and Jan 14th at 7PM. If you have questions, please ask! Leaders, volunteers, and youth can also turn in the books at the Horse Council meeting on 1/14/07 at 7PM in
the Auditorium.

Horse folks will need to turn in an Eligibility Card with their Record Book.

Note: As usual, all youth who have been in 4-H more than one year and wish to enter horse shows this year through Wake County 4-H MUST complete a Record Book and have it turned in by Jan 14th.

2008 Horse Eligibility Cards are online now!
2008 cards are available at

Club Finances Training on Jan 30th from 6:30 - 8:30PM at the Cameron Village Library.
VERY IMPORTANT. (Rooms 202 and 202A).
This is very important for any clubs with financial holdings (i.e. bank accounts) and clubs that ask for donations/contributions throughout the year. Kate Guerdat will join us to go over the new financial guidelines and IRS information for 2008. Clubs are strongly encouraged to send at least one youth and one adult to this training! Staff are also welcome - this is a fantastic way to meet lots of our club leaders at one time and will also be useful for any staff leading a club/group that asks for or accepts donations on behalf of the club throughout the year. Clubs will be getting
a flyer and letter in the mail regarding this training and 4-H staff have a copy of the flyer in your mailbox.

Standard Reminders for Clubs:
-All 4-H clubs should have a charter! If a club has never had, have lost,or otherwise doesn't have a charter, please contact the 4-H office immediately.

-Club leaders should ensure that the 4-H office has an Enrollment Form and Med Form completed for each club member. These should be turned in to the 4-H office (make copies for club files if you wish).

-If you have new leaders in your club this year, please make sure they complete a Volunteer Application and background check through the 4-H office.

-Clubs with any financial holdings at all will need to get an EIN number from the IRS Details on this will be covered at the Finances training on 1/30/08.

-Insurance for club youth can be purchased through American Income Life online and for very low cost - $1 for community club youth per year, $2 for horse club youth per year.

-2008 Calendars will be mailed to clubs this week and will also be posted on and on this blog.

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