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Friday, May 23, 2008

Congratulations Horse Show Winners!

Congratulations to all who competed in this year's show!
Special thanks to those who came out to visit us for the day and watch the festivities!

Short Stirrup:
-Champion - Jamie Fordham on Mr. Razzle Dazzle (MacNair's)
-Reserve - Sarah Bass on Rapidash (MacNair's)

Junior Rider Pony:
-Champion - Lila Miller on Beauford (MacNair's)
-Reserve - Elizabeth Mayo on Formal Attire (Hoofbeats)

Senior Rider Pony:
-Champion - Emily Hopson on Annie (Hi Ho Hunters)
-Reserve - Laura Hopper on Seaborne's Sand Dollar (Hot Shot Hunters)

Junior Rider Horse:
-Champion - Kara Wilcox on Mr. Matt Dillon (MacNair's)
-Reserve - Caity Caggia on Double Deluxe (MacNair's)

Senior Rider Horse:
-Champion - Julia Heffring on Caught in a Flash (Hi Ho Hunters)
-Reserve - Jordan Lewey on Nikki's Royal Step (Hot Shot Hunters)

Novice Rider:
-Champion - Hunter Ort on Ellie (Hi Ho Hunters)
-Reserve - Mary Copeland Cain on Sweet as Sugar (MacNair's)

Little Britches:
-Champion - Rachel Bolen on Zippo's Diamond Gem (High Riders)
-Reserve - Kyra Barritt on Hank's Spring Queen (High Riders)

Senior Rider Western Horse/Pony:
-Champion - Ashley Bynch on Elusive Clu (High Riders)
-Reserve - Ashton Kuhns on Sonny (Jammin' Hooves)

Junior Rider Non-Trotting Horse/Pony:
-Champion - Natalie Wilbourne on Genius Country Rose (Horseflies)
-Reserve - Catherine Pittard on Beowolf (Horseflies)

Senior Rider Non-Trotting Horse/Pony:
-Champion - Elspeth Derosiers on Gen Fizz (Horseflies)
-Reserve - Heather Wright on Wanta be a Lady (Horseflies)

Junior Rider Saddle Seat Horse/Pony:
-Champion - Rhonda Armstrong on Mojave (Hoofbeats)
-Reserve - Samantha Rowe on Flame's Summer Fling (At-Large)

Schooling Rider:
-Champion - Morgan Hussey on Zippo's Diamond Gem (High Riders)
-Reserve - Carson Reagan on Dream Come True (Hilltoppers)

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