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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deadline for Horse Artistic Expression Entries Approaching!

Just a reminder that the deadline for the Horse Artistic Expression Contest is approaching!

Some of the entries have to be turned in with the entry form (mostly the writing-related ones) and others must be brought to the State Show in July (most of the bigger artwork pieces) but ALL entries are due POSTMARKED TO THE ADDRESS ON THE ENTRY FORM no later than May 1st.

ALL entry forms have to have an Extension Agent's signature on the form before they are postmarked, so please make sure that you get them to me in time for me to sign them before your mail them. Please call or email when you'd like to come by so that I can make sure I'm here or someone else can be a designee. You can also fax entry forms to me at (919) 250-1097.

All details for the Artistic Expression contests can be found at:

Remember! The judges are VERY specific with criteria for entry, so please make sure that you follow all requirements listed on the entry forms. Entry fees must be paid by check and must accompany entry forms.

These contests are open to youth who are in 4-H, regardless of whether they participate in horse activities.

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