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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NC 4-H Photo Contest is Up and Running - Enter Now!

Calling All Shutterbugs!  

Each year, NC 4-H sponsors a photo contest for 4-Hers.  This exhibit is open to (and only to) all North Carolina 4-H members ages 9-19 as of 1/1/10.

All entries must be postmarked no later than June 8, 2010.

Entry forms and complete rules can be found here: 

All entry photos must have been taken by the 4-Her submitting the entry during the previous year.

Two age divisions:  Junior (ages 9-12) OR Senior (ages 13-19).

Three categories and you can submit a max of  ONE photo in each of the categories.  Categories are:  "4-H in Action," "Nature's Beauty," "4-H Family").  The same image may be entered by the same 4-H in more than one of the categories but two separate photos and two separate entry forms must be submitted if you're going this route.

SEPARATE and COMPLETED entry forms must accompany EACH individual photo entered. If entering in more than one category, then submit a separate form for EACH category entered. DO NOT use just one form for multiple photos, even if the same person is submitting them.

Photos may be in color OR black-and-white. Any size 8x10 inches or smaller will be accepted.

Entry prints may be made from negatives, slides, or digital media. Original image media MUST accompany all prints!

The following rules apply:

  • Digital Media
    Images made from digital media MUST include a print of that image AND a copy of the digital file on a disk, CD or DVD.
  • Negatives
    Images made from a negative MUST include the original negative AND a photographic print from it. Do NOT cut negative strips into single frames and do NOT use paper clips directly on negatives!
  • Slides
    Images made from a slide do not require a print of that slide, but it is easier for judging purposes if a print is provided. The original slide itself, however, MUST be submitted.
  • Please do not submit photos in a frame.  Loose photos are preferred.  

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